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Woman in white bikini resting on the beach in straw hatIf you have noticed abnormal moles or growths on your skin, a skin cancer exam at our Fullerton practice can determine whether your health is at risk. Dr. William Baugh and our team are passionately committed to the fight against skin cancer. We participate in iCureMelanoma, an annual 5k run that raises money to find a cure for melanoma, and we offer a range of effective treatment options to combat the disease at our practice. For a skin cancer exam or consultation to learn more about the health of your skin, schedule an appointment with Dr. Baugh today.


Diagnosing Skin Cancer

Skin cancer can develop in a variety of ways on any part of your body, not just regions that are commonly exposed to the sun. Many people wrongly believe that skin cancer only affects people with fair skin, or those who have been exposed to excessive sun. However, these are misconceptions, and it is important for everyone to undergo regular screenings.

Not all lesions are malignant (harmful), and diagnosing skin cancer begins with a simple visual examination. If Dr. Baugh determines that your symptoms display common skin cancer traits, he may take a biopsy of the affected area. A lab will test the skin biopsy to assess whether cancerous cells are present, which type of cancer is present, and what stage of development the cancer has reached. 

Treatment Options

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer, Dr. Baugh will individually tailor your treatment plan based on your unique diagnosis. Most patients can receive treatment in our office, including surgical removal of the affected area. However, if you have melanoma, the doctor will work in conjunction with physicians at St. Joe’s or St. Jude’s to provide further medical treatment. Our treatment options include:

  • Mohs Surgery: After numbing the treatment area, Dr. Baugh will gently remove the affected tissue and examine it under a microscope. He will continue to remove small portions of tissue until the skin sample is free of cancer. Once treatment is complete, Dr. Baugh will stitch the site closed, allowing it to heal on its own, or reconstruct the area using a skin graft.
  • Photodynamic Therapy: During treatment, Dr. Baugh will apply a light-activated agent to your skin. Depending on your condition, you will need to wait for as little as one hour until the product sinks into your skin, or you may need to return to our office the following day. Next, you will sit in front of a specialized light, which activates the medication and kills cancerous cells. 

Regardless of the type of skin cancer treatment you undergo, early detection and an aggressive care plan can ensure a better chance you will achieve a full, speedy recovery.

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If you have discovered a mole that has changed shape or color, or a new or suspicious-looking lesion, it is important that you seek medical attention as soon as you can. To schedule your appointment for a skin cancer examination, please contact us today.

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