The Excimer Laser Can Be Used to Treat Psoriasis, Vitiligo, and Eczema By William P. Baugh on June 01, 2014

A woman with clear and healthy skinAt Full Spectrum Dermatology, we believe in improving the health as well as the appearance of a patient's skin. This has helped patients throughout the greater Fullerton area feel confident about their appearance and better about their overall well-being. Numerous therapies are available, but quite a few that we offer involve cosmetic lasers, which are safe, state-of-the-art staples of many treatment for skin conditions.

Right now we would like to consider the nature of the excimer laser and how it can be of great benefit to many of our patients.

What is an excimer laser?

Also known as an exciplex laser, the excimer laser is an ultraviolet laser used in a number of applications. It is a safe and effective option for treating various skin conditions, though it has also been used to perform LASIK surgery on the eyes and in the manufacturing of microelectronic devices.

When used in skin care treatments, the excimer laser comes in the form of a hand-held device that concentrates the ultraviolet light right onto the patient's skin. When addressing skin care needs, the excimer laser is ideal for treating:

  • Psoriasis
  • Vitiligo
  • Eczema

Why laser treatment?

Laser treatment is safe and non-invasive, allowing for great results to be achieved without the need for anesthetic or extensive recovery time. It's not uncommon for multiple treatments to be performed over the course of a few weeks in order to achieve optimal results.

Using the Excimer Laser to Treat Psoriasis

The excimer laser is a great option for patients who suffer from psoriasis on various parts of the body. Studies have shown that patients with psoriasis will experience noticeable clearing of the condition with repeated treatments. While the psoriasis will not necessarily clear 100%, excimer laser treatment will have a significant effect on overall skin condition.

Excimer laser does not involve the use of any topical steroids of any kind, which helps patients prevent the side effects that accompany long-term steroid use. The excimer laser treatment can be used to supplement other forms of treatment to keep the psoriasis under control.

Using the Excimer Laser to Treat Vitiligo

Vitiligo, like psoriasis, is also an autoimmune disease. In this case, however, the patient's immune system attacks the pigment-producing cells in the skin, causing pale/white patches to appear. The excimer laser can help promote the creation and even migration of pigment-producing cells. This treatment proves ideal for treating varying degrees of vitiligo.

Using the Excimer Laser to Treat Eczema

Eczema can also be effectively treated thanks to excimer laser treatment. This is the itchiness and redness of the skin, usually manifesting in rashes, bumps, and other marks of irritation on a person's body. While the exact cause of eczema varies, it is widely thought to be caused by the body's immune system overreacting to an irritant or allergen. The excimer laser helps reduce inflammation and improve skin quality.

What to Expect After Undergoing Excimer Laser Treatment

After undergoing excimer laser treatment of any kind, the primary side effect tends to be sunburn-like reactions of the treated skin. This can occur anywhere up to 24 hours after treatment and is normal and temporary. Blistering can occur in some patients, though this is often minor and easily treated.

Can children undergo excimer laser treatment?

Yes, children can generally tolerate excimer laser treatment and its mild and brief post-procedure side effects. While excimer laser treatment is safe, it's important that the child is approved for this therapy by his or her pediatrician.

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If you would like to learn more about laser skin care treatments and how they can be of great benefit to you and your needs, be sure to contact our cosmetic dermatology and skin care center today. Our entire team is here to help you receive the best possible treatment for your needs.

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