Relieve Migraine Headaches: BOTOX® Injections for Migraines By William P. Baugh on November 03, 2014

A man with a pained expression, holding his hands to his foreheadThe cosmetic benefits of BOTOX® are widely known, but did you know that BOTOX® has been effective at treating migraines? For those who suffer from chronic migraines, which refers to those patients who have a migraine 15 or more days of the month, the pain and discomfort can interfere with daily activities. Headache medicine alone is often insufficient for managing the pain of migraines. BOTOX® injections can help reduce migraine pain and reduce the symptoms of future migraine headaches. Fullerton dermatologist William Baugh offers this explanation of the uses of BOTOX® for migraine relief.

The Symptoms of Migraines

Migraines are extremely painful headaches that can last for hours or even days at a time. Though the exact cause of migraine headaches is unknown, it is common for migraine headaches to run in the family. Migraines are often characterized by intense throbbing or pulsing in the head. Many may also feel nauseous, experience vomiting, or feel overly sensitive to light and sound during a migraine attack. Migraine sufferers may also experience auras prior or during their headache. Auras can manifest as flashes of light, seeing spots, or blurry vision. Some people may even experience verbal or sensory disturbances. Once a migraine attack begins, it may last anywhere from 4 to 72 hours.

How BOTOX® Is Used for Migraine Treatment

The use of BOTOX® for treating chronic migraines has been approved by the FDA since 2010. BOTOX® treatment for migraines should be discussed with your doctor before beginning this treatment regimen. When used for migraine management, BOTOX® treatment is typically injected into seven specific areas of the head and neck. Injections are generally given over 12 week intervals. Migraine relief should last up to three months with BOTOX® treatment.

The idea behind BOTOX® injections for treating migraines is to reduce future migraine symptoms including the duration and frequency of migraine headaches. However, it is still not known how exactly BOTOX® works in relieving migraine pain. Studies suggest the botulinum toxin in BOTOX® inhibits the release of certain neurotransmitters, which may be linked to the body's central pain processing systems. This could explain why BOTOX® treatment helps reduce migraine pain for chronic sufferers.

The Benefits of BOTOX® Treatment for Migraines

Chronic migraines can be debilitating. For those who suffer from regular migraines, doing simply daily activities can be a struggle. Migraines can interfere with work, family life, and socializing with friends. Over-the-counter pain relief is often not sufficient for treating migraines and regularly taking high doses of aspirin can cause liver damage. BOTOX® treatment for migraines can help prevent migraines before they even start. Some of the many benefits of BOTOX® treatment for migraines includes:

  • Reduced duration of migraine headaches
  • Reduced pain of migraine headaches
  • Prevention of migraine headaches before they begin
  • Reducing the number of days spent dealing with migraine headaches
  • Improved quality of life
  • Giving you back time with family which would otherwise have been spent dealing with migraine pain

Find Out if BOTOX® Can Help Treat Your Migraines

BOTOX® treatment has been very effective at reducing chronic migraine symptoms. To find out if BOTOX® treatment can help you, we welcome you to schedule a consultation with Dr. Baugh.

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