Smoothing Out Acne Scars: Treatment Options By William P. Baugh on March 30, 2016

A woman pointing at her cheekboneHere at Full Spectrum Dermatology, we take great pride when it comes to providing excellent cosmetic results. The people of Fullerton know that they can rely on us for their various skin care needs, whether it's cosmetic procedures to reduce wrinkles or advanced acne treatment and blemish removal.

With acne in mind, we'd like to turn our attention to acne scars. These can be serious, but there are many ways that we can help reduce their appearance and severity.

What Are Acne Scars?

An acne scar occurs when a pore swells and becomes inflamed. This commonly causes minor lesions on the skin that clear up on their own. Sometimes deeper lesions form when the pore is severely inflamed. When this happens, your skin tries to repair the damage done by forming new collagen. Typically the results aren't perfect with the new collagen formation, which can lead the uneven surface and varied pigment commonly associated with acne scars.

How Serious Can Acne Scars Get?

Acne scars can be very severe, causing people to feel very self-conscious about their appearance, even around people that they have known for years.

There are, thankfully, different treatments available for acne scars, and many of them are non-invasive or minimally invasive. These skin care treatments can make a major difference in improving skin texture and overall appearance.

Skin Resurfacing Options

When it comes to uneven pigment or surface on the skin, there are plenty of resurfacing options to consider. This includes the use of laser therapy, chemical peels, facials, microdermabrasion, and more. The ideal type of skin resurfacing for you and your needs can be determined during the consultation process.

Dermal Fillers

For serious pits and hollows caused by acne scars, you may want to consider dermal filler injections. Dermal filler help add volume to the injection site, which will even out the skin. Keep in mind that fillers will only last for a few months at a time, so repeat injections will be necessary.

Fade Creams and Cortisone Injections

When an acne scar is red, irritated, or inflamed, the best option might be a cortisone injection. The injection of cortisone will typically help reduce issues with inflammation, which can make a major difference with serious acne scars. To treat the skin discoloration related to acne scars, subtle skin lighteners may be recommended.

Waiting Things Out

Sometimes when it comes to acne scars and discoloration, the best option is to be patient. With time, sometimes the scarring and discoloration will fade on its own. For serious acne scars this can take up to a year, but sometimes patience is the best policy.

Preventing Acne Scars

To prevent formation of acne scars and to keep them from getting worse, consider these tips:

  • Avoid sun exposure
  • Use sunblock when outdoors
  • Never squeeze or pop your pimples
  • Eat a healthy diet
  • Avoid smoking and tobacco products
  • Do not use vitamin E on scar tissue

Schedule a Consultation at Full Spectrum Dermatology

To learn more about treating acne scars and how we can help you with your aesthetic goals, be sure to contact our cosmetic skin care center today. The team at Full Spectrum Dermatology is here to ensure you look your absolute best.

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