Preventing Skin Cancer: Tips for Healthy Skin By William P. Baugh on March 04, 2017

A woman outdoors smilingThe team at our Fullerton skin care and cosmetic dermatology center believes in proper health and wellness as much as anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. We want our patients to look their best and feel great about themselves. When it comes to health, wellness, and your skin, this means prevention and early diagnosis of skin cancer.

We'd like to go over some tips for preventing skin cancer. In addition to some preventative skin care advice, we'll go over some warning signs of skin cancer and what you can do to make sure a potential problem is caught early.

Skin Cancer Statistics

It's been estimated that 1 in 5 Americans will develop some form of skin cancer during their life. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common kind of skin cancer, with more than 4 million diagnoses a year; squamous cell carcinoma is the second most common skin cancer, with more than 1 million diagnoses a year.

By age 65, up to 50 percent of people will experience basal cell carcinoma or squamous cell carcinoma at least once. Given these numbers, you probably understand why prevention is so important.

Wear Sun Block When Outdoors

If you're outside, be sure to wear sun block. This is a crucial part of protecting your skin from the damaging rays of the sun.

Consider Long Sleeves

In addition to wearing sun block, it's important to also consider long sleeves. Covering up your skin means less exposure to the sun and better protection from its effects.

Avoid Tanning and Peeling

Getting some sun is good for your health, but excessive tanning leads to plenty of risks. Rather than burning and peeling, consider limiting your time out in the sun.

Wear Sunglasses

Sunglasses will help protect the area around your eyes. In addition to helping prevent skin cancer, sunglasses with UV protection can also prevent the formation of cataracts.

A Hat with a Brim Can Help

When out in the sun for a long amount of time, a hat with a wide brim may be ideal. The shade provided can protect your face and forehead from direct sun contact.

Know the Warning Signs of Skin Cancer

Part of prevention is knowing what to be on the lookout for. Here are some early warning signs of melanoma and other kinds of skin cancer:

  • A new mole or spot on the skin
  • Asymmetrical or irregular moles
  • Large moles that grow in size
  • Sores that do not heal
  • Itchiness or pain of the skin, particularly around a growth
  • Scaliness, oozing, or bleeding around a mole

Have Growths Checked If You Notice Them

If you notice any of the above symptoms, be sure to have this new growth checked out by your doctor as soon as possible. It's better to be cautious about these matters than to assume a growth or mole is just normal.

Early Detection Is Always Ideal

By undergoing a melanoma and skin cancer screening as soon as possible, you have a greater chance of preventing serious health issues. In some ways, early detection is a form of prevention, and it's just a common sense way to lead a healthy life for years and years to come.

Learn More About Preventing Skin Cancer

If you would like more information about preventing skin cancer and improving your overall health and wellness, be sure to contact our advanced skin care and cosmetic dermatology center today. The team at our practice looks forward to your visit and discussing these issues in greater detail.

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