Treatment for Dark Spots on the Face By William P. Baugh on October 30, 2019

Woman undergoing state-of-the-art skin care treatmentFew people have faces that are free from blemishes. That’s why Full Spectrum Dermatology offers the people of Fullerton, CA advanced skin care and cosmetic rejuvenation procedures. Thanks to laser skin treatment and other anti-aging methods, patients can look years younger and appear more refreshed.

Dr. William Baugh treats a number of patients each month who complain about dark and uneven patches of skin on their face. Whether it’s dark spots or dark blotches, our team can help. Let’s explain what this skin discoloration is and cover a few potential treatments.

What Are the Dark Spots on Your Skin?

Dark spots on the skin go by many different names, from hyperpigmentation to melasma to liver spots. These darker patches of skin occur when skin cells develop more pigment in order to protect themselves from damage or as a response to damage. Some of these dark spots fade after a few weeks, others fade after a few years, and sometimes these dark spots on the skin simply remain.

Common Causes of These Dark Spots

The most common causes of dark spots on the skin include:

  • Sun damage/excessive sun exposure
  • Skin inflammation
  • Skin irritation
  • Side effects to medication

Changes in skin pigmentation can also be due to acne, other kinds of blemishes, birth marks, or injuries to the skin. These dark spots tend to become more pronounced with age, so it’s important to consider the role of the aging process in these cosmetic imperfections.

Laser Treatments for the Skin

Laser skin treatments are an excellent way to even out the pigment and texture of skin that’s been damaged by the sun. The topmost layer of skin is removed, revealing a softer underlying layer. This also promotes the production of collagen to enhance skin suppleness. Our Fullerton cosmetic dermatology center has numerous laser systems available for state-of-the-art skin care needs.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are another option to consider for hyperpigmentation. Carefully applying these peel solutions, the topmost layer of the skin can be removed, revealing a slightly lighter layer of skin beneath. Multiple peel sessions can be performed to achieve optimal cosmetic results.


Microdermabrasion is another option for improving the surface texture and appearance of the skin. Tiny micro-crystals are blown against the skin to blast way uneven pigment, damaged skin, and to smooth out bumps and pits on the skin’s surface. This leads to softer and healthier skin developing around the treatment area.


Microneedling uses a small roller covered in fine-point needles to make controlled punctures on the surface of the skin. In response to the needles, the skin plumps up and is encouraged to develop collagen. This helps improve skin texture and could help reduce issues with hyperpigmentation, particularly when related to acne scars.


Finally, there’s cryotherapy to consider, which is similar in principle to chemical peels. This treatment uses small, safe amounts of liquid nitrogen applied to the darker patches of your skin. The cold freezes away the darker skin cells at the surface layer of your skin, revealing lighter and softer skin beneath.

Learn More About Advanced Skin Care

If you live in the Fullerton area and would like to learn more your options for aesthetic enhancement, be sure to contact a skilled cosmetic dermatologist and skin care specialist. The team at Full Spectrum Dermatology can be reached by phone at (714) 879-4312.

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