Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking Your Best By William P. Baugh on December 30, 2019

A smiling woman touching her faceDuring the colder months of winter, it's common to crank up the heater and take long, hot showers. While this helps keep us warm, our skin may suffer.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments can help improve the skin and treat damage associated with winter. At Full Spectrum Dermatology, Dr. William Baugh offers a wide range of treatments to overcome winter skin problems, and we offer these winter skin care tips to keep our Fullerton, CA, patients looking their best.

Winter Skin Care Is Important during Colder Months

Winter weather is harsh on the skin, even in mild climates, like Fullerton. Colder weather often means less humidity, hot showers, and regularly running heaters, all of which can dry the skin and lead to irritation.

Taking care of the skin is especially important during the cold, dry winter months. Here are just a few of our best winter skin care tips to help you through the winter months.

Use a Humidifier

Running heaters, even just in the evenings or mornings, make the air in our homes dry, which in turn can make the skin dry and itchy.

Using a humidifier when running a heater can add moisture to the air and keep your skin comfortable during dry winter months.

Avoid Really Hot Showers

There really is nothing like a hot shower or bath on a cold day, but it can be bad for the skin. Hot water can strip moisture from the skin, causing dryness and irritation.

Instead of taking overly hot showers, reduce the heat and try to wash as quickly as possible to protect the skin from drying.

Apply More Moisturizer

It's important to apply moisturizer to the skin during winter as often as necessary. Moisturizers can help keep the skin from feeling dry throughout the day.

Look for facial moisturizers with sunscreen to keep the skin hydrated as well as protected from sun damage, which can still occur on cloudy winter days.

See a Cosmetic Dermatologist

Seeing a cosmetic dermatologist can help improve the skin through personalized treatment. Our Fullerton dermatologist can treat your unique winter skin care needs with such treatments as:

  • Microdermabrasion: Microdermabrasion is a treatment that helps improve the skin's texture by gently removing the most superficial layer of the skin. This helps smooth the skin and stimulate collagen production.
  • Photojuvenation facial: Photojuvenation facials use a special laser, the Gemini™ Laser, to stimulate collagen production, as well as treat sun damage, for skin that is smoother and more even in tone.
  • Medically-based facials: Medically-based facials are tailored to the unique needs of each patient to repair the skin and correct imperfections. Medically based facials may be completed over a course of several treatments, helping patients enjoy beautiful skin throughout the winter and beyond.

Schedule an Appointment

For more winter skin care tips, or to discuss your treatment options, we welcome you to call our offices at (714) 879-4312 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Baugh.

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