Achieve Clearer, Healthier Skin with Individualized Acne Treatment

Smiling woman with clear, glowing skinPatients often believe acne is a teenager’s problem. However, acne is the most common skin disorder and it affects people of all ages. If you experience acne breakouts, Dr. William Baugh and our team can provide you with solutions to achieve clearer, healthier skin. New acne treatments are developed regularly, and Dr. Baugh offers a wide range of contemporary acne treatment options at our Fullerton office. Whether you are newly experiencing breakouts, or have exhausted at-home treatment options, Dr. Baugh can create a personalized treatment plan designed to address your unique condition and concerns. Contact our office today to schedule your skincare consultation with Dr. Baugh.

Personalized Care for Enhanced Results

Successful professional acne treatment begins with a consultation and examination with Dr. Baugh and our team. During your appointment, we will discuss your skin health history, listen to your concerns, and learn about your home care routine and past treatments. Dr. Baugh will also take a closer look at your skin to ensure you are experiencing acne and not another skin disorder, like rosacea.

Dr. Baugh diagnoses acne as mild, moderate, or cystic, and creates a customized treatment plan for each patient. Even if your case is severe, Dr. Baugh will work with you to find an effective solution. Your acne treatment may include one or more of the following:

  • Topical Treatment: Typically includes the application of prescription gel, cream, or wipes that are formulated to reduce and prevent blemishes.
  • Oral Medication: Requires patients to take a medication in pill form, such as antibiotics.
  • Medical Procedures: Includes treatments to speed up exfoliation, such as chemical peels and microdermabrasion.
  • Cosmetic Treatments: Uses alternative methods to kill bacteria, such as light therapy, or treats existing blemishes and scars with laser resurfacing.
  • Emergency Treatment: Addresses cysts and other blemishes that require immediate attention.

Seeking acne treatment from a dermatologist is the most effective method of managing this common skin condition. 

Treatment Benefits

If you are unhappy with the appearance of your complexion, acne treatment can boost your confidence while reducing irritation and discomfort. Successfully treating acne can reduce inflammation and redness for a more comfortable daily facial care routine. Additionally, treating your acne today may allow you to heal blemishes before they create scars in the future.

A Unique Approach to Care

At Full Spectrum Dermatology, our goal is to make you feel comfortable, both physically and emotionally. We know that a beautiful complexion can make you look good and feel good, inside and out, and our care can ensure you will feel excited and inspired that you are on your way toward achieving healthier skin. Because Dr. Baugh wants everyone to share this experience, he is committed to working with each patient’s budget by choosing cost-effective solutions, providing payment plans, and working with most insurance companies.

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You deserve a complexion that boosts your confidence. If you experience breakouts that you cannot manage and treat on your own, schedule an appointment with Dr Baugh. Contact us today to learn more about developing a personalized treatment plan to achieve clearer, healthier skin. 

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