Treatments for Depressed and Raised Acne Scars By William P. Baugh on October 03, 2014

Young woman with clear, radiant skin after acne scar treatmentAs annoying as acne can be, the scars that acne can leave behind are even more so. Fortunately, modern dermatology offers a variety of highly effective solutions, including advanced laser skin resurfacing, that can dramatically lighten or altogether remove these not-so-welcome reminders of past facial blemishes. You no longer have to feel self-conscious about depressed or raised acne scars, thanks to advances in dermatological care.

At Full Spectrum Dermatology in Fullerton, acne scar treatment of the most surpassing standard is available to our valued patients. Whatever the extent of your acne scarring, we can help to revive and rejuvenate your skin, restoring its smooth, luscious texture and radiant glow. We tailor our skin care treatments to the unique needs and goals of each individual patient, so you can rest assured that your acne scar treatment will be specifically designed to produce the best possible results in your exact case.

So go ahead and say goodbye to those acne scars and hello to beautiful, vibrant skin. We invite you to meet with our exceptionally skilled and talented dermatologist, Dr. William Baugh, and find out how he can help you rid yourself of your acne scars.

Customizing Your Treatment

There are two basic types of acne scars: depressed and raised. Some people tend to suffer from one type or the other, while some suffer from a combination of the two. The treatment plan that will be most effective in your case will depend on the degree or type of acne scars you have.

In general, acne scar treatment plans are most effective when more than one treatment approach is incorporated into the plan. One depressed scar may respond differently to a certain treatment from another depressed scar. Dr. Baugh’s goal is to find the most conservative and effective combination of treatments that will provide the most comprehensive and satisfying results possible.

Do keep in mind that not all post-acne discoloration on the skin is necessarily evidence of a permanent acne scar. Some discoloration takes up to a year to fade. Any discoloration or tissue abnormality that remains after a year can be considered permanent and will require professional intervention.

Possible Treatments for Acne Scars

Depending on your unique needs, possible treatments that may be integrated into your customized acne scar treatment plan include:

  • Laser skin resurfacing: Using a state-of-the-art erbium laser, Dr. Baugh carefully targets and vaporizes damaged skin tissue while stimulating the production of new collagen, making it a potentially excellent treatment for depressed acne scars.
  • Injectable fillers: Injectable fillers such as Radiesse® and JUVEDERM® can temporarily raise depressed skin, including depressed acne scars.
  • Excimer laser treatments: Excimer laser therapy can effectively improve the appearance of both depressed and raised acne scars.
  • Medical grade skin care gels and creams: Prescription strength gels and creams can be used to help improve the appearance of raised acne scars.

Learn More about Acne Scar Treatments

To learn more about acne scar treatments or to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Baugh, please contact Full Spectrum Dermatology today.

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